Increased MPG
Reduced emissions
Improved Performance
Increased Horsepower
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How Magnum Fuel Rx Will Improve MPG!

MAGNUM FUEL Rx Will Increase Your MPG.

Firstly, let’s tell you exactly what Magnum Fuel Rx IS NOT !!!!

It is NOT a fuel ADDITIVE!

It is NOT MAGNETICS that attach to the fuel line!

It does NOT use batteries or any kind of external power source!

It is NOT a device to convert WATER TO GAS!


It is NOT a “chip” to attach to the automobiles ECU!

It is NOT going to ruin your engine or its elements!

It is NOT linked with ANY other fuel or automotive item named Magnum or Magnum Gas!

It is NOT going to influence your car’s service warranty!

It is NOT a “Mechanic-In-A-Bottle” It wont “fix” a motor vehicle in disrepair!

MAGNUM FUEL Rx addresses the problem that ALL cars, even brand new ones, burn only 82% of the fuel put in them. 18% is unburned and winds up in the catalytic converter. The unburned fuel leaves carbon that clogs in the cylinders thus making the lubricating oil dirty and needing to be changed every 3,000 miles or so. Plus causing harmful toxic emissions that pollute the atmosphere.
Magnum Fuel Rx, a propriety device developed by a scientist in mechanical engineering which is a Fuel Module and an Octane Module, that affix adhesively to the underside of your automobile’s gas tank. The devices release radio-frequency waves upward for approximately 9 inches modifying the molecular construction of the gasoline. That altered gas is then totally burned in the cylinders significantly reducing the unburned gas entering the catalytic converter, resulting in reduced emissions, improved MPG, and boosted energy.

Presently being efficiently utilized on some UNITED STATES cities Police Department vehicle fleets.

How Magnum Fuel Rx Increases Your MPG!

Magnum Fuel Rx Features

  • Increased MPG
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Increased Octane of Gas
  • Improve Engine Performance
  • Increase Horse Power
  • Easy to Fit
  • No Tools Required
  • Works Great on Motorcycles
Magnum Fuel RX

Customer Testimonials

Daniel L. Morton Grove IL.

My daily driver is a 2003 Honda Element 4wd with 105k miles. At first like everybody else I was skeptical because I have tried other products that claim to increase your MPG but didn’t work. However after talking to the Magnum Fuel Rx people, I had a feeling I should at least try it out. The little demonstration at a local car show also furthered my interest. I did a highway MPG test and I got 19.4 MPG. Then I put the Magnum Fuel Rx on and I did exactly the same speed on cruise control, the same route, and the same pump. I got 25.1 MPG and I suspect it will increase with more use. Also the sulfur smell sometimes coming out of my exhaust is nonexistent now. Even if your car doesn’t use Premium like mine, it is definitely worth your investment.

– Paul G. Northbrook IL.

My 2004 Mercedes Benz E500 4MATIC wagon has 70K miles on it and was giving me 13.1 MPG City and 19.2 MPG Highway on Premium gas. This is on par with what the FuelEconomy.gov website says it should be giving. However since installing the Magnum Fuel Rx system there are dramatic changes in the vehicle’s performance. First the improvement in acceleration and overall performance of the wagon is dramatic. There’s no noticeable emission smell from the exhaust but the MAJOR change is the vehicle no longer needs Premium gas. It’s now running on 87 octane Regular Unleaded and the increase in MPG is astonishing. Now 23.3 MPG City and a whopping 28.49 MPG Highway. With gas prices seemingly having no limit of how high they’re going to go, I’m VERY pleased to have Magnum Fuel Rx on my car.

– Charlie W. Albuquerque NM.

I ride a 2003 Harley Davidson Electra Glide. Since adding this technology to my bike, I’ve noticed at least a 10% increase in MPG but more importantly I no longer need to use Premium gasoline. I now run on 87 octane standard gas. I’m now on my third tank since installing the chips, the bike is running better than ever. No pinging! Much better performance. I’m a happy customer.

– Steve W. Huntington Beach CA.

I drive a 2007 BMW with 50K miles on it. On my car’s computer prior to installing this technology about 5,000 miles ago, I was averaging 28 MPH around town and getting about 15-16 MPG. Now I’m getting 21.3 MPG at the same average speeds in city driving. Better than that, the manufacturer calls for only Premium gas to be used in this car. With this technology, I now only use 87 octane and the car runs better than it ever did. The engine oil is much cleaner. It used to be black after 3,000 miles . Now after 5,000 miles it still looks like new oil!

– Blessy N., Katy TX.

I designed this web site for Magnum Fuel Rx. I really didn’t believe in this product, and was thinking it was just another scam on the market. After I completed the website design, the Manager of Magnum Fuel Rx gave me a set of the modules to test. I wasn’t really interested in wasting my time attaching the modules as I was still very skeptical. But then on a Sunday, I thought of checking out this new product. I checked the present MPG of my 2009 Toyota Camry SE before attaching the Magnum Fuel Rx. It gave me 24MPG in Hwy. I attached the Magnum modules that day and checked with another trip on Hwy. I was shocked by its performance. This product improved my mileage to 34MPG on Hwy. The major miracle happened after that. After 2 weeks I checked the mileage again in City. It is giving now 38MPG in CITY. I am really amazed with this performance. I ordered another 4 set of Magnum Fuel Rx for my family. I recommend this product to everybody who wants to save big on their monthly gasoline budget.

– Jeson A. Alexandria VA.

I drive a 2008 Acura TL. My commute to work is a long one, it takes nearly 50 minutes a day one-way, and on top of that I go see my parents every other weekend in Virginia Beach which is about 3.5 hours away. In short, I drive a lot! I have a habit of resetting my trip mileage every time I fill up a new tank of gas. After speaking with the manager at Magnum and hearing the conviction in his voice, along with finding out that the inventor of these modules is actually a scientist in mechanical engineering, I was more than willing to give this a try. So far, it’s been 2 weeks, same commute and I have seen that I received at least 50 more miles to my full tank each time around. I had to double check, but this thing works!! I went from getting around 21 MPG to about 26 MPG each time around. My car runs just fine and everything seems the same except the greater amount of miles I get per tank.

– Chuck Barham, Elk Grove Village, IL.

After installing the Magnum Fuel Rx I have seen improved gas mileage on the highway in my 2012 Cadillac CTS4 and improved performance. My CTS4 has never been more responsive! Nice job! Sincerely, Chuck Barham General Sales Manager AM 560 WIND